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Until the 1970's, asbestos was widespread in the United States. It was used in just about everything just about everywhere. As a result, tens of millions of Americans were exposed to asbestos and unknowingly breathed in asbestos fibers.
Now, the tragic bill is coming due. The conditions that result from asbestos exposure can take decades to manifest. One of these conditions is asbestosis, a devastating lung condition that is often fatal.
Our asbestos lawyers have seen the devastating effects of asbestosis. We know how important it is for victims like you to get compensation for your condition.
If you've been exposed to asbestos and now suffer from asbestosis, you should speak with our lawyers as soon as possible. Please call Heard, Robins, Cloud & Black, LLP, at 1-800-499-1797 for a free consultation. We are located in Houston, Texas, but we help clients throughout the country.

What is Asbestosis?

Asbestos does its damage when those exposed to it breathe in fibers. When asbestos fibers break through the binding agents in the material, they float free in the air and become inhalable. Once inhaled, asbestos fibers embed in the tissue of your lungs. This poses a critical threat to your health and well-being.
Asbestosis is the condition that results when asbestos fibers cause scarring on your lung tissue. Your lung tissue grows stiff, making it difficult to breathe. Over time, more and more of your lung tissue is scarred, meaning that, when asbestosis is left untreated, it becomes increasingly difficult to breathe.
Asbestosis has one very simple cause: exposure to asbestos, though there is evidence that smoking increases retention of asbestos fibers in the lungs and speeds progression of the disease.
Asbestos was used for decades in a huge range of industries and building types. Workers in the following industries and buildings have been exposed to asbestos fibers, which means they could be in danger of suffering from asbestosis:

  • Mining
  • Any manufacturing environment
  • Automotive industries
  • Chemical plants
  • Shipyards
  • Commercial buildings of all types

Much like mesothelioma, asbestosis can take decades to show up. And its symptoms are easy to confuse with those of other conditions. If you were exposed to asbestosis or worked around it and you're suffering from any shortness of breath, there's no time to waste. You need to speak to a doctor as soon as possible for a diagnosis.
Treating asbestosis isn't easy, and there is no way to reverse the disease. In some severe cases, an asbestosis sufferer might be a candidate for a lung transplant. Obviously, treatment is not cheap. When you're suffering from asbestosis, compensation is absolutely crucial. As the victim of asbestos exposure, you have the right to pursue compensation through the legal system for your medical expenses.
If you're suffering from asbestosis or any other asbestos-related medical conditions, you should speak to our asbestos lawyers as soon as possible. Located in Houston, Texas, the firm of Heard, Robins, Cloud & Black, LLP helps clients across the country. Please call us today at 1-800-499-1797 for a free consultation.

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