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Alimta® and cisplatin are two chemotherapy drugs that are considered the standard combination when treating mesothelioma. Together, they can have a significant impact on a patient’s life expectancy and survival rate. Clinical studies of Alimta® were successful when the drug was first introduced in 2000 (and later FDA-approved in 2004), but it was found to be even more effective when combined with cisplatin for chemotherapy, increasing a patient’s survival rate by an average of three months.

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The Benefits of Alimta® and Cisplatin

Alimta® is the brand name for a drug known as pemetrexed - an antifolate that interferes with the enzymes that are needed for the production and growth of mesothelioma cells.

Chemotherapy has always been difficult in mesothelioma treatment - partly because it is such a rare cancer, making it difficult to test chemotherapy methods on a large group of people in a clinical setting. However, the development of Alimta® was a turning point. The drug was conceived with mesothelioma patients in mind, and has proven very effective when combined with cisplatin, which has been used in mesothelioma treatment for decades.

Alimta® and cisplatin can be applied in a number of different ways:

  • As first-line chemotherapy
  • As a form of maintenance treatment after first-line chemotherapy (Alimta® is often used alone in these cases)
  • As second-line chemotherapy

There are currently several ongoing clinical trials studying the effects of Alimta® and cisplatin when used both separately and together. For example, a study in Toronto is focused on the effects of Alimta® and cisplatin when used after surgery and radiation therapy.

Finding the Right Approach to Mesothelioma Treatment

Although Alimta® and cisplatin have proven to be very beneficial for many mesothelioma patients, they may not be ideal for your treatment. Only a qualified mesothelioma specialist can tell you which treatment methods are best for you based on the specific details of your diagnosis.

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