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We know that choosing a mesothelioma attorney to represent you and help you pursue justice and compensation is difficult. There are a lot of attorneys in Texas who want your business, and picking the firm that's right for you is not easy, especially if this is your first interaction with the legal system.

Getting to know the firm and its attorneys is a crucial part of the process. You need to feel comfortable with the firm and know that you will receive the respect you deserve. This page will provide you with a little information about the experienced attorneys at our firm who stand ready to help you.

If you need an experienced mesothelioma attorney who can help you pursue a case in Texas or nationwide, please call Heard, Robins, Cloud & Black, LLP at 1-800-499-1797 for a free consultation.

Mesothelioma Attorneys You Can Count On

When choosing a firm to handle your mesothelioma case, make sure you choose one that has ample experience with these sorts of cases. Mesothelioma litigation is complicated, and successfully pursuing it requires a unique skill set.

Our firm possesses the experience you need in your mesothelioma attorney. We have successfully pursued cases in Texas, which means we understand Texas judges, Texas juries and Texas laws. We understand what is required to have success in Texas.

But asbestos-related mesothelioma cases often require litigation that crosses states borders, and we can meet that requirement. Our firm has handled complex, nationwide mesothelioma litigation, meaning we can help you even if you don't live or work in Texas.

Here's a list of our attorneys. You can find out more about their specific backgrounds by clicking the links and reading their biographies:

  • J. Robert Black
  • John Black
  • Ian Cloud
  • Justin Goodman
  • Denman H. Heard
  • Hector G. Longoria
  • Bill Robins
  • Justin R. Kaufman
  • Thao D. Ho
  • Jory Doyle Lange Jr.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our firm or our attorneys.

If you've been the victim of asbestos-related mesothelioma and you want to pursue the compensation you deserve, we can help, whether you're in Texas or anywhere else in the United States. Please call Heard, Robins, Cloud & Black, LLP at 1-800-499-1797 for a free consultation.

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